Monday, September 04, 2006

Crazy Week end

Hi all

On Saturday we had a 4th birthday party for LB from 12 - 2pm and then we had a 7th birthday party for The Inquisitor from 2:30 - 4:30 we then collapsed at 5pm. Then on Sunday we had Fathers Day, In Australia it's celebrated on the first week end in September, I think that's different to other places.

So we had partay's in the party house. I love kids parties they are just great fun.

For LB's we had a BBQ with fantastic weather 27 C I don't know what that is in Fahrenheit but it's singlet weather. The standard party food chips, lollies, fairy bread, dip, and a birthday cake. Each year the boys can choose anything they want as a cake and I make it. This year LB choose a Tyrannosaurus Rex Head. So that's what my Martha Stewart brilliance produced. There's nothing quite like eating green icing.

He had a heap of fun, got lots of presents and felt loved and special, what more could you want.

We then went onto The Inquisitor's party, Again party food, Hot and Cold, the Martha Stewart Brilliance produces a Stegosaurus this time and Party Games. We Played Islands, which is a Survivor version of musical chairs for 7 year olds using newspaper, had donut eating competitions, (where you hang donuts off the clothes line by a piece of string and the first one to eat it using only their mouth wins) and a mintie hunt. We had a ton of other games but our yard is large with a large dirt patch in the middle where a pool once was and it was the hit of the party. Dirt, 7 years olds, digging, Life is good. No other games needed.

What a lot of fun.

We have heaps of party food left over, party pies, frankfurts, chocolate any one?!


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k8 said...

Left over party food?
Didn't you just take it to church for morning tea? That's what mum always did - she probably still does?

Your parties sound fun - I bet the boys had a great time. Happy Birthday to Little Boy and the Inquisitor (love that name by the way, so appropriate)