Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Crocodile Hunter has died

Yesterday morning Steve Irwin aka The Crocodile Hunter was killed in a freak accident when the barb of a stingray pierced his chest. Steve was killed while making a documentary in North Queensland.

This has sent shock waves through out Australia.

In Australia you either loved him or hated him but either way you still respected him. You respected him for what he did and the passion he had for Australia and the wildlife not only in Australia but worldwide. He made conservation exciting and cool. He was a role model to so many of our kids and showed that looking after the animals in our world was not only important but was also fun.

Those who didn't like him, were often motivated by how he presented more than anything else. Another Mick Dundee, instead of culture, elegance, class.
My reflection on this is that I think I would rather an ambassador for Australia be someone with a big heart, strong convictions, enthusiasm and a concern for others both human and animals, instead of a polished, classy person any day.

Steve Irwin was the real deal, what you saw was what you got, and he will leave a legacy in Australia and dare I say, worldwide which has, and will continue to make the world a better place. He will be greatly missed

On a personal note The Inquisitor loved the Croc Hunter, when I picked him up from school I told him the sad news, the following is his response

He said "Some boys in the playground said he was dead, but I didn't believe them"
I asked him "How are you feeling?"
He said "Sad"
LB said "We have chocolate at home to make you happy."

I wonder who LB learnt the idea about chocolate making you happy from? mmmmmm I wonder.

Croc Hunter you will be missed and our prayers go out to your family




Songbird said...

Such a sad story and a big loss. Thanks for sharing your perspective, and your children's.

St. Inuksuk said...

A bright light has been extinguished. His passion was a joy to behold and he left an impression on all. I, too, am a saddened fan of the Croc Hunter.