Thursday, May 17, 2007

Catholics and Proddy's


I am currently thinking of writing a book titled "What Catholics assume and Proddy's don't get." based on the steep learning curve this proddy has had over the past 4 months working in a Catholic library.

The Chapter headings would go along the lines of:

  • Fathers, Priests, Brothers, Bishops - How do you know, how do they know?
  • What's with Mary?
  • What's the List?
  • The Pope - there's a whole chapter
  • Coloured Table Cloths? Huh
  • Bells and smells - is it just to cover the fart as he walks up the isle or is there more to it?
  • What's a nunny nun?
  • Why is a nun a sister but a Priest is a Father?
  • Dominicans, Franciscan's, Jesuits, - whats the difference, how do they choose?
  • Guilt - yet another complete chapter unto itself

I figure I could also do a follow up what "Proddys assume and Catholics don't get". With the first chapter being:

  • Baptism - if it's so important to get the head under the water, why not just sprinkle.

I just love this quest of discovery, so different and yet the same.




k8 said...

you should write it - I'd buy it

or write it on here for us to enjoy :)

Mrs. M said...

I think that the only question there I can answer is that a nun is a sister, rather than a mother, because technically she's laity?

Am I right? Is there a prize?

Mary Beth said...

Love it!

Susie said...

um, what is the list?

Deb said...

Made me smile... big time! :)

Sally said...

:-) sounds good to me- I'll buy a copy when it hits the shelves...

will smama said...

Love it! Although I think you should change 'chapter' to 'book' since I am sure the Pope is more than a chapter!

Anonymous said...

Nuns can be mothers, too, if they lead an order :)

Oh, and you forgot the chapter on "Bingeatory and Purgatory".

Michelle said...

As a lifetime Roman, I'd love to read it...even being born to it, I sometimes feel like I've walked in to the middle of a play without program notes! (Ask me about the first time I had to lead morning prayer with the Augustinians...)

Jesuits, Dominicans, are different orders (communities, large and small, who choose to live and pray together according to their own "rule" or constitution). They generally start out small, organically (like RGBP!!) and eventually codify (but hopefully not ossify). Each group tends to have a particular ministry or gift they explore. Dominicans are official the Order of Preachers, so bet you can guess what their charism is!

Lorna said...

start writing - we're ready to read!

Revem said...

Thank you Michelle, although, i think i now have more questions than answers!:)

Bingeatory or purgatory? It took me a while to figure out that, I even asked one of the ladies I worked with, I'm not to bright this time of the morning.

Any other questions/ chapters poeple would like covered?

I think I might just start writing!