Monday, May 07, 2007

Wake for a house

On the week end my extended family on my mum's side held a wake for our Nana's house. It sounds like a strange thing to do but it was fantastic.

My Nan has moved into a retirement village and the family home is up for sale.

Nana, Pa and their 4 children moved into the house over 40 years ago.

It is the home that many of the family milestones such as weddings, 21st birthdays and Christmas's happened for my mum's generation and it's the only home the grandkids (my generation) and the great grandkids (LB and The Inquisitor's generation) know.

One of my Aunties remembered that they moved in on the 5th of May and the other Auntie remembered they ate hot dogs.

So on Saturday 5th May 2007 we all went to the house, ate hot dogs for lunch on the front lawn of the house, reminisced, played french cricket and said good bye to the house that has been such a massive part of my family's history.

We refrained from stripping down to our undies and running under the sprinkler as was also a favourite past time at the home, much to many peoples relief.

A wake for a house sounds like a strange thing to do but it was a wonderful way to honor my Nan and to say good bye to the home.




Songbird said...

It sounds like a wonderful event, so sweet that you marked it together.

Alli said...

That sounds like so much fun, and a great way to bring closure to so many memories. I was pleased to see your blog ... have been wondering about you.

Mary Beth said...

So glad to hear from you, and that you got to do this. How wonderful a celebration/memorial.

Catriona said...

That sounds like the best idea. And all bar the hotdogs sounds exactly like my Grandma's house. She too is in a home and my Aunties are tslking about what to do with the house. A wake when the decide sounds like the perfect thing to do if we may steal your idea. We too will refrain from sprinkler running in undies.