Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Where would you have church?

We are currently doing alot of thinking about what church looks like, what it should look like and seeing what the similarities and differences are.

One of the groups we have at our church is called Soundings and it is a time where people can talk about a whole range of things often over a meal. At the moment they are looking at the Nooma DVD's. They are great. The one that was looked at the last Soundings was called Sunday.

The discussion that followed after had the question "why do you think the Video was set in a Cafe" Some of the answers reflected a desire to meet as a faith community in a place that was different to the traditional 'sancutary' or school hall as is the case for us.

I also came across Jan Edmiston's blog A church for starving artists and they meet in a theatre space. Jan raises on her blog a similar question to the one I am also about to put.

If you could meet anywhere to "do church" where would you meet and why?

What type of place do you think best provides the environment for 'church' to happen? Is it a cafe, or BBQ, Party, sports centre, sanctuary, community centre, youth centre, park, beach, where is it?

I don't have an answer, just a question. Something soo rare for me. lol



Allison said...

It really depends on who your target is - if you target one set group of the community. Some would be offended at a Cafe but others would love it. It depends on your community make-up and the church make-up.

Songbird said...

I wish I had a big semi-circular room with comfy chairs and lots of light and space in which to do drama in worship and ability to move the seating. I think my folks would end up loving that much more than the shoebox with straight rows they have now.