Wednesday, June 07, 2006

We have a house

Life has been busy over the last couple of weeks and the uncertainty of everything at the moment has been very draining. We received official notice on the 2nd that the house we rent has been sold and were given notice to be out by 2nd July. Although, they are still going ahead with the rental inspection tomorrow, go figure.

So we have been madly searching for a house, I have felt a little like goldilocks going into people's houses too big, too small, too lime green (a kitchen), too expensive and then ahhhh just right. We have found a house.

It took a bit of negotiating as we don't want to move in until the end of the month and they wanted us in earlier, blah blah, but it has been settled, we have paid the holding deposit and they have said yes.

It's described as

Lovely country style home .....Neat and tidy 4 bedroom single storey home, built ins to 3 rooms, separate lounge and dining, family and sunroom, ceiling fans, internal laundry, single lock up garage plus carport, shed, carpet and tiles, pets negotiable

It's old, but I love old homes they have a soul that new houses don't yet have. They have character and not just in the "yeah she's got a great personality" way but in the it feels like home way, like grandpa's jumper. There are a few cracks and old paint and carpet but with 3 and 6 year old boys I don't want anything new anyway. And it's huge, it's probably twice the size of our current house, it has high ceilings and is sprawling so it feels like we have space as well.

It's a house for having friends over and entertaining, which I have missed because we have lived in houses to small to really have parties.

God is good, we have always had the right house turn up at the right time and it has happened again.

Praise God



JWD said...

Yes, praise God! I'm so glad you've found a place to be excited about. Even amidst all the work and drudgery of moving, there's something terrifically fun about a new place.

The photo is wonderful. Sounds like you truly found someplace "just right."

We've loved our new apartment, which has been home for two weeks now. We couldn't be happier with it. So, joy!

I wish you grace and peace as you live into the days of transition ahead.

k8 said...

Yay for you. It looks and sounds great for you and your boys. Can't wait to see it!

I know you don't want to tell the world exactly where it is or anything, but how close is it to where you are now?

net said...

welcome back! i missed you! good to hear you found a new home. how's the job search going? holding you up in prayer, em!