Saturday, June 10, 2006

Let the packing begin

This is my 60th post!! and they said it wouldn't last. piff!

Well, we received official verification on Friday that we have the house all we have to do now is sign the lease, pick up the keys and pack.

The move is in 3 weeks but are going to attempt at doing this in an orderly, logical, manner which means we are purging along the way. This makes pack much slower than the 'just throw it in a box' style we have adopted over the past few moves.

Our boys are very excited and I had both of them, in a well coordinated maneuver, corner me with a box each asking for it to be taped so they could pack a box. So I taped the bottom and they very excitedly went racing upstairs to decide what toy they could do without, for 3 weeks, in order that they could pack something. It was decided that the dinosaurs were dispensable and so we now have 2 boxes packed and in the lounge room with their dinosaurs in them. They were so proud.

LB loves the new house and wants to move today, once he realized that we weren't moving today we had tears. He had thought packing a box would then mean we were able to move. If only, I'd pay good money for moving to only required 1 box. Unfortunately my previous life as a Librarian means I have books on books to pack, a few more than 1 box, and then there's the rest of the house.

Pack and purge, or should that be purge and pack. Either way




Allison said...

Purge purge and more purge! But I can't talk - each move we have only purged a tiny bit but have loads to purge - our garage is full of boxes. Some waiting for our kiddies to be a tiny bit bigger but mostly junk....All the best with the move, and hopefully you will be settled in by the time retreat rolls in (just 2 weeks after your move!)

k8 said...

I can definitely vouch for the "packing takes longer when you purge along the way" theory, but it is well worth it.

We had the added bonus of knowing that we'd have to still want/need it in 3 years to make it worth packing, but remember this:
if you forgot you even had it, it can go.

Have fun and take advantage of the boys wanting to help - just don't get them to do the breakables. :)

Sally said...

Purge is good- we did this to move across the Atlantic- thne again to move back.
Blessings on your move- God go with you

revabi said...

Ah yes the purging and packing for a move. Congrats and all the best for your move. We are at the point in our move of just packing even items that we should be purging, you know throw it in the box and tape it closed. Good luck