Sunday, June 11, 2006

Theological ponderings of a 6 year old

In the car, as this seems to be where most of our deep theological discussions happen, our 6 year old asked, "How did Jesus die? Below is the conversation.

6: How did Jesus Die?

Mum: He died on a cross

6: Yes but what killed him?

Mum: He stopped breathing

6: But you can stop breathing and still live see (insert kid holding his breath).
So Jesus didn't die and then live he was just holding his breath.

Mum: If you hold your breath for 3 days you die. You need to breathe to live. Jesus died and then came back to life because he's God.

6: Yes and God has super powers that's why he could come back to life and we can't.

Mum: Yes God is very Super.

And then a few more kilometers down the road we had this conversation

6: Jesus loves us

Mum: Yes he does, is there anything that will make Jesus stop loving you.

6: No, he always loves me. He's God and he loves everyone in the world.

Mum: Yes.

6: He can do this because he's smart and can speak other languages.

So there you are the deep theological discussion as understood by a 6 year old.

1. Jesus didn't die he just held his breath and
2. God can love everyone because he is smart and can speak other languages.

And this stuff took me 4 years, man!! LOL

Blessings Em


k8 said...

Thats awesome - Elizabeth and I were cracking up. I can definitely see him saying all that in complete seriousness - he's a smart kid :)

JWD said...

Wow. Beautiful! You've got a real theologian on your hands there. Thanks for sharing this with us. :)

Sally said...

priceless- now all my assignment problems are solved!

see-through faith said...

wonderful :)

made me think -to speak another language you need to understand the culture. That's what the gift of tongues and interpreation is - in part - about. Meeting people where they are.