Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Support Networks

As a minister it is strongly encouraged that you be part of a retreat group. This is a group of other people in ministry that meets once a year to work through issues and help each other through group process grow in faith, life, ministry etc.

I am part of a retreat group and although the time away is anything but a retreat as in nice time of rest and relaxation, the group is one that is very supportive.

We met on Saturday for our mid year gathering we are quite stretched out distance wise with about 10 hours drive being between to 2 furthest away.

Anyway when we get together there is a wonderful feeling of camaraderie and support between each of us. There is a genuine concern for the well being of each other and their families. This support network although mainly by email is a wonderful support.

It's great to have support networks that know you well enough for the mask to be lowered and there to be genuine intimacy which comes from openness and vulnerability.

So to those of you in my retreat group, I love you, think you are wonderful and am blessed by the imprint you leave on my heart.



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