Friday, April 07, 2006

Protect our kids

Over the last 7 weeks I have been co-leading a group for kids that have witnessed Domestic Violence.

It amazes me how much we don't recognise the precious gift our kids are. One of the main reasons I said yes to co-leading this group was the very practical way I would be able to impact these kids lives both now and in the future. Not only did the program help them begin to work through their feelings about divorce, violence, parents, love, anger, boundaries etc. It also helps to begin to break the cycle of abuse by teaching them that this isn't a normal form of communication and relationship and that there are better ways of relating.

Our kids are sponges and they absorb everything that happens around them. There is currently an ad on TV where a young girl swears and the mum asks where she heard such a thing and then drives off swearing to the other drivers on the road. There has been quite an uproar to this ad in Australia, but I think it's a great reminder to us as parents to be careful what we say and do, to, with and around our kids.

Nothing pains me more than seeing kids that have been scarred by life before they have become a teenager.

Kids are a precious gift given to us to protect and help develop so they can then be a balanced productive adult who can make a valuable contribution to society. Anything less is unacceptable.



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k8 said...

That group sounds awesome. You are so right in all your observations (of course :) )
Kids from difficult backgrounds definitely need to know its not normal so that the cycle can finally be stopped.