Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Chocolate Box

One of the highlights of my week is leading a group for the teenage and almost teenage girls in our church. They are in Yrs 7 - 10 at High school.

It's a blast. Chocolate box is a safe place for them to talk about life and the stuff they are going through. We then talk about where God fits into it and begin the process of integrating life and faith. (Not that they realise that this is what we are doing)

The name chocolate box comes from:
Chocolate - there is never a time when chocolate in some form, isn't brought by one of them to be eaten. An integral part of any female group.
Box - there is a question mark shaped box (see above) which is part of the group. If they have a question but want to ask it anonymously, they can put it in the box and the group discusses it.

The latest question answered from the Box was about violence and how they should react.

This lead to the group talking about what is violence, bullying, protecting themselves and I spoke a bit about the group for kids who witness Domestic Violence I was leading, and gave some generic examples of what kids in Domestic Violence situations may witness or experience.

This affected the girls in a deep way and led them to question the injustice of the kids of lives by comparison to their lives. Their response blew me away! They wanted to help, they recognised they were in a position where they could help and so started discussing ways to help and support kids who are in Domestic Violence environments.

What has resulted is a letter that they have written and are going to send to the department stores, furniture store, discount stores, factory outlet stores, etc in the area asking them to donate items to be given to a refuge for women and their kids who are escaping domestic violence. They are also talking about running a pyjama and undies drive for the refuge, as this is often what is needed.

This is a group of 12 - 15 year old girls! They are an inspiration to me, they have a deeper sense or social responsibility than I had at 25 let alone 12! They truly are being Christ to their community and they probably don't even realise what an extraordinary group of young women they are.



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Pink Shoes said...

What a fabulous group -- a blessing to you and a blessing to the world. Amen and amen! You'll have to post about the results of the letter!