Monday, February 20, 2006

Remember the good as well

Ok enough of the pity party, I've had my spit and now need to move on.

A large part of the issue in our church meeting was finance, (I hear you all gasp in shock, "Issues over money in a church meeting nooo!") but alas yes it's true. This is compounded with the church looking at embarking on a multi million dollar building project. Yes, I know, I am insane.

Anyway after the church meeting, I received a phone call from one of my congregation members which started with the sentence. "After hearing what was said in the meeting about money, I wanted to talk with you."

It's at this point that my heart starts to beat faster than is probably best for it and ultimately me.

But then she starts to talk about how she decided that she needed to find ways of helping, then contacted our local Cinema and talked about using it as a fundraiser. Long story short in the space of the afternoon she secured a way for us to raise over $1500 by watching a movie and getting our friends to come.

Isn't she wonderful!!

I wanted to add this as a balance to yesterdays blog, to remind myself, as much as anyone else, that there is always good with the bad. We do ourselves and the church a disservice if we only focus on the bad. There is always good we just need to find it.



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