Monday, February 20, 2006

Tai Chi update

Went to Tai Chi tonight, fantastic again, thought I would update you on the new moves.

After Checking the pulse (see last Tuesdays blog), pull back, yuck push, wash the window, eww these socks stink, turn and throw away.

Found out that we need to be opening our Chi and allow the flow. It's at these times I wonder what the response would be if she found out I'm a minister. lol

Anyway it's still good and a better workout than I would have thought regardless, if I have a flowing or blocked Chi, I wonder if I could get something for that. Mmmmmm



1 comment:

LutheranChik said...

I love watching other people do tai chi.

Being somewhat coordination challenged, however...let's just say that I had to put away my tai chi course-on-tape -- one designed for older adults, by the way -- because the instructor was going too FAST for me. LOL