Friday, May 25, 2007

Ponderings from a commute?

Just a quick one

1. Why don't people wave thank you any more when driving?! When you let someone in it is polite for them to say thank you by waving. IS IT ANY WONDER THERE IS SO MUCH ROAD RAGE!!!!

Soothing tea OK back now, breathing in and and out

2. And the other one is this. By comparison to others in society I am a law abiding citizen, I don't have a criminal record, don't break many laws.
So why do I feel guilty every time I drive past a police car?

That's all




Mrs. M said...

1) I'm right there with you. I always wave, even if I'm the passenger and not the driver.

2) Not only do I get nervous, but I turn off my radio, which Mr. thinks is hysterical.

JWD said...

Oh, Revem, I couldn't agree with you more. I've had to train myself to not even look to see if I get a wave or not. Plus, the worst of it is, it makes me less inclined to let anyone merge in front of me anymore. And then I think I'm just getting sucked into the vortext of discourteousness started by the non-wavers in the first place.

Alli said...

I am guilty of feeling guilty every time I see a police car - foot off the accelerator and all! (I think that comes from having older brothers who, when they saw the police would say to me, "Quick, the cops are coming to get you. You had better hide!") And as to waving, you would think in a nice country town people would still wave - maybe 50% of the time if you are lucky!

Mary Beth said...

I always wave too. And it makes me feel like a dinosaur. But I do it anyhow!

k8 said...


Teri said...

I always wave, but I can't remember the last time I was the recipient of a wave.

as to feeling guilty--ditto.

except usually i'm speeding...(I can't help it! 30 mph is just dumb in my town!!)

JWD said...

Here are 8 more things for you to ponder on your commute (and blog about later): tag, you're it!

Mary Beth said...

ps: I miss you!

Alli said...

Hi Em, I am missing you lots - no blogs and I don't have contact details anymore ... where are you?