Saturday, March 03, 2007

Discoveries and descisions

While I was absent a number of things happened or were discovered which I though should blog that but didn't so here it goes.

1. Men in Trees, the TV show.
Oh my goodness I am completely hooked. Half of the first season was aired, here over the summer and I can't wait for it, hopefully, to be returned so I can see the rest of the show. I wasn't a Anne Hesch fan but thought I would watch and see and I loved it.

2. Dianne Keaton and Emma Thompson
I am going to try and see as many Dianne Keaton and Emma Thompson movies this year. One of my favourite movies over Christmas was The Family Stone, this among other movies have made me think I would like to see more Keaton films.
Also I saw Stranger than fiction which made me decide the same thing about Emma Thompson.

3. PMM (Proud Mum Moment)
The Inquisitor had his first ever spending money shopping trip. He bought Lego, oh my gasp, but he also bought a Matchbox car for one of the boys in his class, who was upset because he had lost a car, and The Inquisitor wanted to make him happy again.

4. We are moving house again. WM has spent the last month looking at houses and we have been successful in applying for one and pick the keys up on Wednesday, with the big move happening next week end.

I'm sure there was other stuff but can't remember it now. Thanks for the lovely welcome back.




Songbird said...

Blessings to you in your new home, Em. May the change in perspective lead to other openings.

Susie said...

Oh! The Inquistor is so sweet, what a great moment!