Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The latest weather report


The weather appears to be clearing, fog is lifting and sunshine is trying very hard to shine through.

Thank you to all who have prayed and supported me over the last 6 months it has meant more than many of you will ever know.

As you may have read previously I resigned from church last November. Since then it has truly been a roller coaster ride.
After resigning my name was given to a church for consideration.
I didn't hear anything from this and while waiting was interviewed for a library position.
After the interview I was contacted by the church for a written response to their profile.
I was then offered the position at the library, which I accepted.
I was then contacted by the church before starting the library position and asked for an interview.
So I started a new Job on Wednesday and was then interviewed on the Friday.

Have I lost anyone yet, in amongst this was also my final weeks at church, Christmas, New Year, and recieving notice that our landlord was raising the rent by $30 a week.

After the interview they umm'd and ahh'd for ages and I finally got a phone call on the last Sunday of January asking me to call.
This was also my last Sunday at church. So I went to church in the morning had the emotional task of a farewell and saying good bye to people who mean a great deal to me.
I then came home and made a phone call, where I was told that the church had decided not to take me on as their pastor. It would have to go down as one of the worst days to date, an absolute double whammy.

I then had to get up the next morning and go to a job which I had been hoping was only ever going to be short term, I cried almost the entire trip, not because my job or work place was bad. It just represented what I wasn't doing.
On the up side the people that I am working with are fantastic and have been a huge support to me.

So as you can see I have had my head spinning in a thousand different directions, and on top of that all the new church stuff was confidential so I could talk about it whilst in the process.

But hopefully now I am back, due to not being in church based ministry my blogs will probably change shape a bit. Being 5 generations Baptist and now working in a Catholic Theological Library I am on a very steep learning curve and have thousand's of questions, which I will probably post so the collective wisdom can educate me.

I would like to publicly say how amazing WM has been through this and thank him for holding on during the ride next to me.

Thank you to everyone who has had us in their thoughts and prayers, it has been greatly appreciated.

Bring on 2007, who knows what it has in store!!




Songbird said...

Bless you, Em! May you see the direction God would have you walk.

Alli said...

Glad you are back my friend ... I have been worried about you.

k8 said...

(((big hug)))

Sally said...

Many Blessings Em, praying thta God will provide you with a smoother road throughout this year.

Anonymous said...

My favorite job in grad school was working at a library. A Catholic theological library should be interesting, to say the least!

reverendmother said...


Amy said...

Prayers for you!

mompriest said...

Wow. Your journey is more round about than mine...indeed
(((big hug)))! And, I'm sorry, but can I just say, I don't get it...how can the church call to say they want you then change their mind in a day?? Sounds like, in the end, you will be better off at the library. And another church will come along, if that is what you want,...one that knows themselves better!

Sue said...

I'm glad you're back Em.