Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Please pray

On Monday morning the mother- in-law of the other pastor at our church passed away. Although, she has been sick for a little while and people have had a chance to say good bye it's still a sad loss for their family.

Then on Monday night, a gentleman from our congregation had a sudden heart attack and passed away, leaving his wife and 3 boys, twins aged 12 and another aged 9. This has sent shock waves through our congregation.

There is also other stuff happening so I would appreciate your prayers.




Alli said...

It can be difficult to deal with many things that seem unfair or bring us grief and pain. I have learnt to ask God, "What good can now come from this bad stuff - help me to see what I can do to bring good out of this.". With prayers, Alli

Anonymous said...


Thinking of you, Em. Sending prayers up, and sending love to you.

Linda G.