Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Female Role Models

Hey all

On Monday night Ms Bucket continued her education of me in the area of country music. (She lived in the States for a while and is really and American in and Australian body.) Her attempts at conversion to country so far have been impressive.

The first was taking me to see Keith Urban in concert and on Monday she took me to see the Dixie Chicks in concert. Now I have been a small time, closet, Dixie Chicks fan for a while, so this wasn't a huge sacrifice on my part. It was a great concert.

While I was watching these incredibly strong, self assured, naturally stunning, articulate, intelligent women perform, I was thinking, "with role models like these women why do young girls choose to follow the, small dog/large rat carrying, sucked in, pumped up, chemically altered, plastic, bimbo type of famous woman, that is also in the media. And I thought maybe they don't know they exist.

So would like as many women as possible to answer this post, with the 5 women (from any public arena) that inspire them most.

This will hopefully begin a list of great female role models that are out there for our teenagers to aspire to be like.

So start typing, the 5 women that inspire you the most.




k8 said...

i'm still trying to think of my list, but just wanted to comment to let you know people are still listening and you are making us think.

Allison said...

I had a lot of trouble thinking of prominant people who I admire. Most of the people I truly admire are unknown people - people who have suffered severe adversity and still stuck by their faith in God, people who continually give of themselves to others and work for humanitarian causes. One prominant woman I admire are Oprah (as she came from a poor background and has really made a difference to a lot of people, donates money, highlights injustices etc. At times I think she has changed to become more upper class, but she still has made a significant impact on the world. I also love the Vicar of Dibley!)

revabi said...

Welcome to Country music. Dixie Chicks are really doing their thing.

Mrs. M said...

1. My 78 yr old former Spiritual Director. She's a dynamo.
2. Dolly Parton (while we're on the subject of country heroes).
3. A few college girlfriends, working their buns off to change the world.
4. A loving woman who helped raise me (and who takes no sass!).
5. Jennifer Crusie, smutty novel writer extraordinaire.

ps- The Chick's "Not Ready To Make Nice" is fantastic!

Mary Beth said...

Anne Bancroft.
Jane Goodall.
My mother.
Katharine Jefferts Schori