Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Healthy comings and goings

At the moment there seems to be a growing discontent for the status quo in relation to church (big picture, not congregation). This growing discontent is a good thing, as it is helping people to struggle with what they are called to do and be. It also means that people are beginning to look at what church should do or be. Which in turn is resulting in some new and innovative creations for church.

My question is: In this shift that is happening some / many people are going to feel as though the church they have been a part of no longer fits. How do we do healthy comings and goings in this environment?

If anyone ever asks me what my aim is as a minister, my response is normally a variation of: helping people to connect with God and then be God to others.

In relation to this aim, I don't mind people leaving our community to go somewhere else if we no longer help them connect with God, so long as they connect with a community that can continue to help them in their journey.

This is sometimes out of place in an environment where the mindset is "don't steal my flock", once mine always mine, instead of once God's always God's. In this environment it is often difficult for people to: a) feel comfortable leaving a congregation, and b) for the congregation to give them a blessing as they go.

So how can we do it better?? I don't know, I would love any feedback or comments.



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Susan O said...

Thanks for the comment on RGBP about the article. I appreciate it!