Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bits and Pieces

Spring is coming, although you wouldn't know it with the rain we have had here recently. We have had almost a week of rain, which when you are in the middle of a drought is rare, funnily enough.
Anyway, I have made the most of the sun this morning and have taken some photos of the garden. The wisteria has exploded, our rambling rose has come out in bloom, my grandpa's orchid has flowered and others are budding getting ready for full spring. This is attracting birds, we have had black and white cockatoos, honey eaters, Lorrikeets. So I thought as most of the people that read this are going into Autumn and then winter I will add a bit of colour from here to brighten your days. Having said that I would love to be in US or Canada to see the forests turn during autumn.

Grandpa's Orchid

Rambling Rose

Black Cockatoo

The view from my front porch

The other main happening, or pondering at the moment is that I am looking at going back to Uni next year to do my Grad Dip in Education so I can be a Religious Ed teacher in High School.

This is an exciting step as I haven't studied since I graduated in 2002. It been the longest time ever that I haven't been in some form of educational pursuit. I am excited about the possibilities. If it happens I will be studying at the Catholic University, which I am also looking forward to. Being Baptist, liturgy etc wasn't a large part of my course in fact it was an elective, so I'm looking forward to being in a place where I can study liturgy and explore that part of my spirituality at a deeper level.




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