Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Over the last little while there have been a number of deaths around me, both people I knew personally and those we all knew.

This has raised a number of questions from a variety of people.

Such as:
  • Why does God let good people die young and bad people live long lives?
  • What is heaven anyway, what does it look like, if someone is married twice and loved them equally what will happen when they all meet in heaven?
  • Where is he now? About a father that wasn't a Christian
  • What happens when we die?

Sometimes the answers to these questions can be really long and still explain not much, or they can be honest and compassionate.

Which way do we normally go, is it the same way as we need to go?




Alli said...

Very valid questions - ones that most people ask. I have been asking God "Why?" to do with the trauma I have been facing. This week I have realised I shouldn't ask "Why?" - I may never get an answer. Instead I should ask "What good can come from this?"

Questing Parson said...

What will happen when they all meet in heaven? Knowing our human tendencies surely one of them will say, "You're here!!??