Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thank you

Thank you for the prayers and thoughts that you have sent out, I have really appreciated it.

My body being the wonderful thing that it is, is also taking care of me. It gives me a couple of hints over a few days to slow down and chill and if I don't pay attention it just wipes me out over a 24 hour period, or until I take notice, if I am being particularly pig headed.

So over the last day or so I have been sick, high temps, chills, sweats, and other not so nice stuff, which once I paid attention, took a cold tablet and went to bed early and allowed myself to sleep for 13 hours I was fine.

It always fascinates me how everything, every aspect of me, is in tune with each other. Mind, spirit, emotion, body and when one of these isn't going so well, the other's go out in sympathy. It shouldn't amaze me, but it does. Just another reminder of how absolutely amazing our Creator is.

The human body is probably the thing that links me with God the most. Seeing and learning how we work, what we are made up of, how we are made, watching my boys grow and change almost in front of me, seeing the body repair itself just astounds me, what an amazing creation the human body is.

Praise God



Sally said...

Hope you are soon rested and feeling on top again, both physically and spiritually

Mary Beth said...

I agree, it is great the way the body heals, and when we are not stopping and need to, the body says, right, I can fix that!

You remain in my prayers. hugs