Monday, March 20, 2006

Soccer Mum

I have finally reached the lofty heights of being a soccer mum!!

Our eldest son started soccer on Saturday and continued the wonderful family tradition started by my brothers. As with my brothers, he also showed that skipping, wafting, flapping, hopping, sitting, twirling, wandering, and gazing into the distance are all valid forms of movement on the soccer field.

It was on of the most joyous events I have been apart of. Everyone cheered regardless of whose side scored the goal and encouraged the effort put in by all of the kids.

The concepts of tackles, scrums, handballs, picking up the ball if it doesn't go the right way and starting again, all of which I hadn't realised were an integral part of the game until Saturday, were celebrated and rejoiced in.

I am looking forward to next week so I can learn some more new and innovative moves from the under 7's soccer team. Go Rangers!



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