Saturday, October 27, 2007

Daylight savings

Today is the day we change our clocks for daylight savings.
This is the one that makes us lose an hour, so my body is telling me it's 9 am but my clock is telling me it's 10 am.

It is the one Sunday I dreaded as a minister and always made sure I wasn't doing anything for fear that I would forget daylight savings and turn up just as church was finishing.

Up until recently I could never remember which way the clocks went until someone told me that you Spring forward and Fall back, and now I have at least a semi decent chance of knowing which way the clocks go. It doesn't help me to remember to change the clocks but it's a first step.

The other thing about daylight savings is all the explanations people have as to why we should or shouldn't have daylight savings. I'll start the list and you can add others that you have heard.
  1. It fades the curtains
  2. It confuses the cows
  3. ...what have you heard




Megan said...

hello, just noticed your blog (again!) from your facebook page - I'm a blogger now too! Will love to drop by and see how you are every now and again - you can see me at

Anonymous said...

when are we going to hear about your exciting news