Saturday, January 06, 2007

It finally feels like summer

I was really hoping for a hot Christmas and New year so I could brag about spending Christmas Day swimming in the pool, or having wonderful picnics in the park with nibbles waiting for the fireworks. Alas this didn't happen, it rained for both Christmas and New Year and was a long way from swimming weather.

But today it has hit 35 C (hot ) and as a result I have the following picture .....

....which I took with my phone. It's my 2 boys playing in the fountain at the local shopping centre.

It is part of a new extension, which has a wonderful outdoor area with this fountain in the middle. They designed the fountain so the kids could play and as you can see they have a ball. It's fantastic. When it's warm you will have any number of kids playing in it.
The boys were then stripped off back at the car, with the doors providing a modest change room, undies put back on along with t shirts and home we go.

It's almost as much fun watching all the grown ups walking past wishing they could join them.

It's summer yeah.




hipastorzwife2B said...

Our local shopping center has something very similar, but we have winter here, sort of. What a great picture!

revabi said...

summer? What ar eyou talking about?
Were freezing in AL. lol