Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The blue balloon

A couple of days ago, we came home from the shops and found a blue balloon stuck in the top of our frangipani tree. We have no idea where it came from and no idea where it was going, but it decided to stop in at our house for a while.

After a discussion about letting it fly away or bringing it inside we decided that we would bring it inside play for a while and then release it. Sounds like its a bird or something. lol

Anyway, when we got it out of the tree we found out that it wasn't a helium balloon, or at least it wasn't anymore. So we brought it inside and the boys played with it.

They went to bed got up the next morning to find it had go down a bit and was a bit more wrinkly. LB brought it in and announced that the balloon was old. It has now completely go down and was given a appropriate burial.

So where do you think the blue balloon came from??



Bucket said...

I think that the blue balloon came from the blue fairies that live at the bottom of your garden. They come out and dance when you're not there. Trust me - I've seen them.

k8 said...

TOTALLY the fairies

revabi said...

yep, the balloon fairies

JWD said...

I think there was a little girl, who got the balloon at a birthday party she attended. She dutifully tied its string to her wrist, so it wouldn't fly away before she was ready.

Delightedly, she walked around with it for an afternoon, watching it trail behind her, tugging it down and watching it float back up, and marvelling at the way the world looked when she pressed her nose up to its side.

Eventually she decided to release it--let it fly free. Just before she did, she made a wish: let the balloon arrive where someone else would love it as much as she did. And give it a proper burial when it's flying days were over.

St. Casserole said...

I think the balloon was a gift from the Cat Balloon Fairies who placed the blue balloon in your tree for your family as a sign that good happy things are coming your way.

Susie said...

Ooh! I bet it was a gift from Small Child at my church, who took balloons from the rector's suprise birthday coffee hour last week, and promptly lost them outside! A round-the-world present!!