Sunday, December 31, 2006

PMM or Proud Mum Moment

Yesterday I had a PMM. We were out shopping and had stopped for a coffee and cookie break. I didn't order a cookie, as I figured Christmas had been quite enough.

After we all sat down WM, The Inquisitor, LB and myself. I looked across to see LB, our 4 year old, breaking his smartie cookie in half, then giving me half.
When I asked why he said "We are sharing, you don't have a biscuit."
I smiled broadly and thanked him very much for sharing his biscuit with me. I explained that I didn't have one because I didn't want one, but I will have a little piece and you can have the rest. Thank you for being a wonderful sharer, well done.

I was moved at his generousity, he had been hanging out for his smartie cookie but didn't give a thought to sharing when I didn't have one. He didn't break off a small piece, or do the measuring to make sure I got the small piece, He simply broke it in half and handed it over.

I only hope I am as generous and as the boys get older they continue in their generosity.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


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k8 said...


he's so sweet

glad he didn't puke smarties on you :)