Friday, September 08, 2006

Peter Brock has died

This afternoon another Australian icon died.

It has been a horrible week in Australia this week. People are only just coming to terms with the sudden death of Steve Irwin, The Croc Hunter, and now we are also having to process the death of Brocky.

Peter Brock was known as The King of the Mountain, he was a legend in motor racing. He spent his life racing and being an integral part of Australian culture. He died this afternoon while rally racing in Western Australia. As with Steve Irwin he died doing what he loved.

He was not only a legend but he was one of the good guys. He always had time for others and stories are told of him signing autographs by torch light at the end of meets after people had begun to leave. He was an aussie larakin but was also a perfectionist.

This desire for perfection meant he holds records and titles which will be hard to beat. He won Bathurst a record 9 times and in 1979 he won Bathurst by 6 laps.

I can't believe we have now lost Peter Brock. It was said "He reach the checkered flag exactly as he would have wanted, behind the wheel of a fast car."

Brocky you are a legend and you will be missed


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