Monday, August 28, 2006

Census Questions

During the time I was off line Australia had it's Census. This happens once every 7 years. On the night of the 8th of August every household in Australia filled out the 18 page questionnaire providing a snapshot of Australian life.

As Australians we don't always take these types of things seriously, which is why there was talk of Jedi Knight being included as a Religion on this Census due to the high number of Australians who put it down as their religion last Census.

Anyway in a household where the type employment for the Adults is a welder and a pastor it made for interesting discussions when we arrived at the questions about work.

For a welder the question "What are the main tasks the person usually performs in the occupation?" can fit into the 50 letter space for a definition. Try answering that question as a Minister of Religion! It only allows you about 6 words to describe your job! I won't share some of the suggestions my husband gave in relation to what I do, I'm sure you could fill them in for yourself.

But it the gets really interesting when it starts asking questions about your workplace. Questions like
"What best describes your industry or business?" and my personal favourite
"What are the main goods produced or main services provided by the employers business?"

The last question is a really revealing questions when you apply it to church.
What are the main goods or services we offer?
Are they in line with what we are called to be offering or are they just about doing church?
Is it OK to lie on a census to make your church appear more Christ like? Does anyone care?

Is the main service we provide being provided to those in our church or is it being provided to the rest of the world where we have been called to go?

I have never filled out a census as a Pastor before last time there was a census I was studying to be a Pastor and still working as a Librarian. That is a much easier job to describe on a Census.

Filling it out as a Pastor has provided me with more questions than answers. I would love to hear how you would describe you job in 50 letters or less.



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Allison said...

I had the same problem with describing an employment services provider - 6 words is not enough for most jobs. It was a bit of a silly question. I wonder what John Howard wrote ...