Thursday, June 22, 2006

Random collection of experiences or Life

I have never done a random experiences entry before but here it is.

1) Packing packing packing. This time next week we will have signed many papers handed over way too much money and have our grandpa's jumper house. How very exciting.

2) On Tuesday I went to an extraordinary seminar about Leadership. It was great, my hand was cramping from all the notes, a rare thing at seminars, normally sit and listen with out feeling the need to capture every word because it is all gold. Not the case on Tuesday. The day could have easily been spread over 2 or 3 days for the amount of great stuff.

3) Both my boys have hit very exciting milestones in their development over the last week and I am just bursting with pride to tell the world, just as they were when they informed me.

At the moment LB is going through a wonderful stage of feeling strong, so he has been walking around the house and preschool for the last few days declaring " I'm strong, look I can lift (insert heavy for a 3 year old object here, chair, box, big book, table)" He was feeling quite strong after his many amazing feats and then decided to try and lift our 3 seater lounge. " I'm strong, I can lift the lounge, grrrrrreeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr, Mum you help?."

Our eldest ( still struggling with a name, toying with The theologian) came down stairs and announced "Guess what?!" Based on the enthusiasm and pride in his voice I automatically assumed he had found a cure for aids, hunger, war or poverty. So imagine my amazement when I found out he had surpassed all things when he announced "I can make my armpit fart!" I'm just bursting with pride.

What amazing milestones the ability to lift heavy things and the ability to make his armpit fart. I do believed my kids have peaked too early and it's all down hill from here.



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A. Lin said...

Armpit farts--my sons will do those one day. I hope they don't discover them too soon. Congratulations on this milestone.