Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Today I had my haircut.

I now have layers, I've never had layers before, not once, not even in the late eighties when everyone had them.

For me you either had long hair or short hair you didn't have long hair with short bits.
But now I have layers, I have long hair with short bits and I think I like them.
I'm feeling a bit like a country and western singer, I always associate them with layered hair, no I don't understand why either, I just do.

There is nothing like a good hair cut to make you feel good and this one has done just that. I am involved in a wedding on the week end and needed to get my hair cut before the wedding. I figured doing it on Tuesday means that I will have had time to recover if it's a bad cut, But I had nothing to worry about because it has worked out fine.

Gotta love a good haircut




k8 said...

So where's the picture?

will smama said...

Okay, but if you feather them or use a comb and a can of hairspray to make it go really high, we might have to have an intervention.