Monday, May 08, 2006

80's Dance films

Over the last 2 weeks there have been a number of 80's dance films on TV. First the was FAME the movie and then this week end there was Flash Dance followed by Footloose.

As an 80's child I loved watching these films. I have never had a body that would be described as "willowy, perfect for being a dancer." I tried jazz Ballet as a 7 year old and probably resembled more of a dancing baby elephant than a graceful swan.

So I would live through these movies and pretend that I was a wonderful dancer. This was fine until one day after watching Fame I decided, I can do that!

There is a scene in the opening credits of Fame where a graceful dancer runs, slow motion of course, leaps into the air, does the splits mid air and then lands without missing a step. It seemed so easy and I had a long hall way which was obviously all I needed to do exactly the same move.

So I started up near my parents bedroom, running up the hall (remember dancing baby elephant)and halfway up the hall I jumped into the air did the splits and landed. Wow you all say I was sure she would have tripped. I didn't!

I landed with an almighty thud still doing the splits. So here I am halfway up the hallway stuck doing the splits, screaming in pain for my brother to help me. But instead of helping he went to get mum to show her I could do the splits!! Oh the pain!

I found out that day what was needed to do the run, splits and land move, wasn't a long hallway. What was needed, was, dancing ability, athletic ability, flexibility, and coordination. Mmmmmm all I had was a hallway, I think I am beginning to understand what went wrong.

Maybe I'll try again (or not)

Blessings Emma

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revabi said...

Oh Emma,
I can so relate. My sister could dance, not me. My girls can dance, not me. I was more like a stocky football tackle and still am in someways.

I was so in love with those films.
You had me laughing.