Thursday, April 20, 2006

Travelers together

I have embarked on the journey of trying to read the bible in 90 days along with some other brave souls/idiots (depending on who your are, I fall into the later).

As I am hopeless at staying up to this kind of thing I ask for your prayer that I at least survive 30 days.

This will be a real accomplishment for me.

On a side note thanks for your support in relation to the previous post, I think I have decided to visit the minister and have a chat. I know that the opinions which have been expressed are also his as I am aware of the church's theological stance.

Blessings and good luck to those who have also embarked on the 90 day journey



Songbird said...

Em, I'm one of your fellow travelers, and I'm already behind. Let's encourage one another! My goal is to finish Genesis today, and then be only one day behind!! I tried to wrap it up last night, but clearly this is not bedtime reading.

Kathryn said...

Can I join in again? I tried last time round with Steph and got to...ooh...I'll have to check the list and see, but I think Joshua. Can you give me a shout when you get there, and I'll have another shot. If I get through 5 books each time, I really might do the whole thing if I start often enough!