Monday, March 06, 2006

Caring for Self

I am someone who goes and goes and goes and crashes, and I have come to recognise that this isn't the best way to operate. So I am trying something different.

I am going to try and look after myself before I become a blubbering mess.

In case you haven't recognised it in some of my blogs over the last few weeks, the stress levels in my life at the moment are rather high.

Church at the moment is at a cross roads in relation to future development, exploring alternate expressions of church, viability, finance etc. In practical, selfish, terms for me, this means I may not have a job or house if the church runs out of money. I don't believe in my heart that this will happen but being the "what if" person that I am, I look at all possible options.

On top of this the house we are in is a rental, and the owners have put on the market, so we have real estate agents to deal with.

Add to the mix, 3 and 6 year boys and a husband who works full time and it leads to a stressful situation.

This has become a bit more apparent over the last week or so. Therefore after much proding from WM (my very supportive husband) we have decided that rather than push through the stress and pain, and put everyone and everything else first, I am going to take time to look after myself and my relationship with God.

I am going to go away for a week or so and journal, reflect, pray, sleep, do Tai Chi on the beach and just refocus and re-energise myself so I can be of better use to those around me.

Why do we always put ourselves last?
Why do we feel that taking time for ourselves is selfish and slack and not as important as taking time for everyone else?

I'm experimenting with making myself a priority, I'll let you know the outcome.

Whilst my money is on spontaneous combustion, due to my body not understanding the concept of time for me, I am hoping I make it back alive to blog about the experience.



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