Monday, March 27, 2006

Back at church

I have been back on board at church since Friday.

I am aware that I enjoyed being at church more than I have in the recent past. Which was a really great feeling!
I struggle with the reality of being a minister who sometimes doesn't want to go to church.
Probably a throw back to my idealistic view of ministers when I was growing up. You know they love church, God, life, have no hassles at all because they are a minister and therefore completely infallible.

I preached on Sunday, the passage was Mark 12: 18 - 34, and focussed on God being a God of the living not the dead and the description of how to be alive through love of God and each other.
Church is going through a transition which is unsettling. We have also seen spiritual growth in quite a number of people, probably because of the unsettling environment, which is very exciting. In preaching I spoke about Church being a safe place that people could show and recieve love to and from God and each other, and challenged people to find ways of ensuring that they are working towards church being a safe place for everyone in the community.

It was one of those sermons which was a God moment, and a number of people commented on it as being just what they needed. It's in those moments that any doubt I have is washed away because I know I am exactly where God wants me, to be doing what he has gifted me to do.
I am feeling more alive in ministry than I have in a long time and it feels great.

With church being on the verge of growth and building and inpacting the community, I ask for your prayers of protection as Satan is already begining to have a bit of a go. This doesn't concern me because God is so much bigger in everyway and is in total control, but I still feel we need to pray for protection.

Watch out church Em has her zing back and your not going to know what's hit you!!

Yeee Haaa


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