Monday, February 13, 2006

What does a dove, ball, sweeping and pulling have to do with each other?

Tai Chi!

Last night I tried Tai Chi for the first time (see previous post) and it was great!

As for the ball etc they are different positions in Tai Chi.

You start by breathing and then, move to your left like your holding a ball, sweep your foot in a circle, move to the front, pat the dove, release the dove, catch the ball, sweep the foot, push your arm away and pull back to yourself.

Unless your Megan, then the description goes something like this, breathe, catch the ball, foot thing, pat the dog, where's the butterfly, there it goes, get the ball, foot thing again, do I have a pulse, mmmmmmm, yes.

Not quite as serene as the actual position descriptions but what ever works for you.

Either way the concentration required to make sure that all the moves happened in order, correctly smoothly meant it was a great work out. I came away sweating and hot and wanting more.

Fantastic, can't wait for next week, and yes by the end of the class we were almost "all moving together"



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will smama said...

Great description! I always wanted to try something like this, but alas the word 'grace' was not invented to describe yours truly.

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