Sunday, February 26, 2006


With the Winter Olympics being on, my sons have suddenly developed a need to skate, ski, twirl, jump, tumble, spin and sled up and down our hallway.

Will Samma had a spit about NBC only showing Americans winning. If Channel 7 only showed Australians winning it would be very quick coverage in deed. We don't see a huge amount of snow in Oz and therefore don't have many medal prospects. I think we have 1 gold (won by a Canadian who has moved to Australia) and Alicia Camplin won bronze.
So let's count them ..... that's 2 medals. Even if you repeat each of the winning jumps, in slow motion and analyze each move that's still only 1 hour of TV viewing!

Our first ever Gold medal was won at the last Olympics in the speed skating because everyone else fell over!!

So I guess what I am saying is that, as Aussies, we embrace everyone's achievements in the Winter Olympics regardless of nationality. (The Summer Olympics are a different story)

Anyway, I digress, this morning LB (Little Boof) my 3 year old found a 20c. coin (read silver coin about 1 inch wide). He picked it up, stuck it on his chest and started prancing around the lounge room in his undies declaring. "I a champion". When he didn't get the attention he believed a champion deserved, I got, " Muummm I A CHAMPION" to which I appropriately respond yay, well done and clapped. This was all he needed.

He then disappeared and came back with another coin (should really find out where he is getting this money from), gave it to me and said, "You a champion." So I then joined my son strutting around the lounge room declaring that we were champions. It took all that is within me not to break into the infamous Queen song, but I was good.

Whilst strutting with a 10 c coin on my chest with my son, I thought it's great that all he needs to feel like a champion is a silver coin and a wonderful imagination.

Wouldn't it be great if all we needed to feel like champions, was 1 silver coin and a wonderful imagination.

Blessings Em


Trev and Liz/Equals said...

Hi Emma,
Would you believe that I commented on this last blog of yours, just to let you know that I'd visited. Then I previewed it, to show Liz what I had done. Then... I closed the window, expecting to go back to my original draft, and it was gone, off into the netherworld!! So, here we go again. I'll be more careful this time. Love your site Em. That's just how they are meant to be used I'm sure, nice and easygoing, friendly like. We are past parenting in that our kids are all growed up. Now we are grandparenting! Though we do run parenting classes so we get to hear many stories of the wonder of a child's imaginings. We have so much to learn from children and the simplicity and comprehensiveness of their trust.

Christine said...

That would be so wonderful. And how wonderful to be able to express those feelings so freely. Your son is a champion for sure and you are a gold medal mother!