Sunday, February 12, 2006

Betsy Blessing

Rev. Betsy Blessing has almost knocked the Vicar of Dibley off her perch as my ultimate role model for ministry.
They are currently in a rumble, hair, shoes, and chocolate are flying. I'll keep you updated on who the victor is.

I accidentally stumbled across this character, Rev. Betsy Blessing, as I was looking at different websites for female clergy. She is "a single woman minister trying to balance high heels and lipstick with a clerical robe and a congregation." And is wonderful !!

I have just finished her book and am a regular visitor to her blog (see link). She provides a light hearted, although incredibly insightful, and hilarious look at a woman's experience of ministry.

I cannot recommend the book highly enough. I have lent it to a friend who also devoured it and is now looking for more.

As a female minister in NSW I don't have a huge number of women who I can use as role models for my ministry, as the Baptist church in NSW has only been ordaining women for about 5 years.
There are some such as my mentor Robyn (wonderful woman), but the Vicar and now Betsy are great companions on this journey, even if they are completely fictitious.




Ken Schenck said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and hurray for the marching on of the kingdom of God in Australia!

net said...

Welcome to RevGalBlogs, Emma! We're glad you're here!